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Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup Download | Zdnet

Their neighbours are fashionista Stacey and the casual Anna. They all studying on the university and follow their colleges. Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup 2D features: A realistic fashion dressup game A nice college student theme Shop till you drop! Hundred pieces of clothes and accessories Dressup game with a storyline, tasks and achievements Free to play, everything is free 18 different storys in spring, summer, winter, autumn Are you a real fashionista and do you love to shop? Then you need to download this realistic dressup game!
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/20416-76239707/

One Man's Trash, Another Man's Fashion Brand : NPR

20. Alice Herz-Sommer, 110. Believed to be the oldest Holocaust survivor. Feb. 23. Harold Ramis, 69.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/final-goodbye-roll-call-died-2014-202556857.html

Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2014 - Yahoo News

She has developed several step-in coats with hidden harnesses that help pets get dressed without the hassle. Dogs walk right into the coat, so they don't have to put their heads through it. Her pieces are among the many that feature a pouch or pocket to hold unused bags for scooping up pet poop. Ng's "city chic" styles, which sell online and at boutiques for $60 to $65, aim to reduce aggravation for pets, but she warns: "Never make a dog wear clothing if it doesn't want to." On the other hand, you might want to start dressing your cat now, Darr said. She predicted huge growth in feline fashions as retailers from 99-cent stores to high-scale boutiques carry more cat clothing. "I am seeing more pieces that are tailored for cats.
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/homegarden/ci_27211514/pet-clothing-digs-into-function-and-fashion?source=rss

Giant Bomb's 2014 Game of the Year Awards: Day Two Text Recap - Yahoo News

For Javier Goyeneche, a 44-year-old Spanish entrepreneur, it happens to involve trash discarded tires, leftover coffee grounds, even old fishing nets from the sea. He's not just recycling them; he's using them to make a fashion statement. Goyeneche is challenging the world of sustainable fashion with ECOALF, a Madrid-based brand that's exploring new ground in scooping up the detritus of the industrial world and converting it into something people will pay good money for gold evening shoes backpacks, coats and swimwear. The company named after Goyeneche's first son, Alfredo was only a concept five years ago, but today, two years after its first line hit the stores, the brand has had an early boost from limited-edition products for some high-profile partners and friends, like Apple , Barneys and the queen of eco-friendly high living, Gwyneth Paltrow . Recently, the company has worked with Will.i.am to develop the first line of outdoor accessories for his new company, Ekocycle, which, in partnership with Coca-Cola, aims to give plastic bottles a second life. Speaking quickly as he paces about his office a large, white, minimalist space that serves as shop, showroom and headquarters Goyeneche contends that junk really can be made into some beautiful fabrics.
Source: http://www.npr.org/2014/12/27/373263412/one-mans-trash-another-mans-fashion-brand?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=artslife

Pet clothing digs into function and fashion - The Denver Post

Of course, the eventual list ended up included a pair of platforms that hadn't even been announced yet, and minds raced. The trailers got picked apart as people tried to figure out what, exactly, the new platforms would be capable of. Watch_Dogs ended up becoming a symbol for all things new, a new piece of intellectual property that, hopefully, would help usher in a new era. Flash forward past a delay into 2014 and, well, when Watch_Dogs was finally released, players found a new game that called upon too many different facets of the Ubisoft open-world template. With action that often felt clunky, mission design that got pretty repetitive, and a hacking motif that sounded a lot cooler before the game was released, Watch_Dogs was a real disappointment. At least it worked?
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/giant-bombs-2014-game-awards-180000799.html

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